Sanjay Udyog

        Sanjay Udyog, wholly owned subsidiary of Sanjay Group, expertly deals with manufacturing, procurement, cleaning, grading & export of agricultural commodities like Pulses, Spices, Cattle Feeds, Dry Fruits, Oil Seeds and many others.
        Sanjay Udyog is a committed business institution which satisfies its clients by working closely with professional farmers, packers and traders to meet the terms of demand and supply.
        40 years of experience in the field has not only given us global recognition but also a responsibility. A responsibility to keep the faith and growth of the clients who put their money and trust hoping for a prosperous future and a better business opportunity. We can proudly announce that Sanjay Udyog have never disappointed its clients and associates.

Vision :
        We envision Sanjay Udyog to become the first choice in the mind of our customers and to be known for reliability, flexibility, commitment, innovation as well as superior quality products and services.

Objective :

Mission :
        To be the best in the industry by continuosly striving to deliver products and services par excellence.
        Sanjay Udyog is not just a good business institution but a philosophy that gives purpose, direction and Opportunities !